“I’m Pink tomate the cat of Amarilla. Sometimes I don’t know if I’m a tomato or a cat. In any case sometimes it seems to me that I am a cat that likes tomatoes or rather a tomato with a cat face. Or something like that…”

– Opium in the Clouds – Rafael Chaparro

PiNk tomaTiNa was created in 2008 as the line ¨for little girls¨ of Tina Neumann, line of clothing for teens. The name PiNk tomaTiNa comes from the fusion of two names: Pink tomate (the cat in the book Opium in the Clouds) and Tina (mother of the designer). PiNk tomaTiNa’s first collection was inspired in the city life, “Opium in the Clouds”, sunsets, animals and history. Since then, we have created many different worlds made in garments, many little girls have dreamed about us and we hope to have left a flower in the life of each of them.

PiNk tomaTiNa is clothing for girls and boys from 0 to 12 years old. It’s a shared dream, a naive look at a planet we don’t want to forget. PiNk tomaTiNa is flying, awakening to colours, remembering: it is life. Each creation takes you to a new place.

PiNk tomaTiNa are collage dresses, they are fabric games. Color, figures, textures. Pure nature.

PiNk tomaTiNa is produced with artisanal processes in  Barranquilla, Colombia as part of a production system that allows seamstresses to work from their homes.

This structure makes it possible to work directly with our collaborators, without intermediaries, and also allows them to integrate their home or family responsibilities with their work.